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Sainthood Saturday Sunday!!!

So, I had to go on a bit of road trip yesterday, and ordinarily The Con is my driving music.  But I was feeling adventurous, it was a gorgeous day, and I said to myself, “Self!”  I said, “Let’s try a little something new!  Today is going to be Sainthood Saturday!”

Best.  Decision.  Ever.

Let’s just take a moment to marinate on the perfectly perfect perfection of the orientation of these tracks.


Just let the goodness wash over you.  

Thanks to my long drive I got to listen to this essential soundtrack to everything that possibly matters eight glorious times in a row…a practice I’m willing to commit to every Saturday forever and ever AQuin.

If you’re not already on board with me here, that’s okay.  I know some of my friends are visual learners.  So here’s a little something for you.

ALBUM ARTWORK - Emy at her best…

VIDEOS VIDEOS VIDEOS - Click those links, babies!






AND TEGAN - And Tegan…And Tegan…

AND THE BEST PROMOS EVER - I mean, were they fucking with us?

So, go for a long drive, or curl up at home…  Close your eyes, or make good use of the visual aids…  But, however you do it, take some time to appreciate Sainthood and thank these sweet little babies for giving it to us!  

Happy Sainthood Sunday!


A Whole Bunch of Stuff About Me.

A the Qs. Tag 10 Tumblees.
I was tagged by the lovely go-ka-kawww. Follow her. She’s glorious.

Name: Carly
Nickname: Bear (…I don’t know how or why, but it just sticks, so I go with it.)
Birthday: 05/09/81 
Gender: Female
Orientation: Whoever I find attractive.
Height: I say 5’4, but I don’t know why. 5’3. For some reason, I guess I feel like I need an inch.
Time Zone: Central
Current Date and Time: 08/30/14, 9:17 pm.
Average Hours of Sleep per Night: 8
Otp: Tegan and Me. Obviously.
Last Google Search: “I am a bunny my name is Nicholas”. Do this. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
Last Thing I Said to a Family Member: “Pick you up at 11:30.” I’m taking my grandma to lunch tomorrow.
Happy Place and Why: My comic book store, because I am a big nerdy child.
How Many Blankets: It’s complicated. I’m always freezing so I sleep wrapped in a woolly blanket I call Most Fluffiest (because I’m an adult). I wrap it all the way around myself (a technique I refer to as The Carly Burrito…adult stuff), then I have a sheet and giant comforter. I usually still need some kind of snuggly pants and a sweater, too.
Favorite Beverage: Diet Coke.
Last Movie Seen at the Theater: Days of Future Past
Three Things I Can’t Live Without: Flavored Lip Gloss (currently You’re the Balm in Green Apple), Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom lotion, and Netflix.
Something I Plan on Learning: How to play guitar and knit.
Advice: Refuse to grow up. Only do what makes you happy. Don’t let anyone tell you who to love.

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You’re it!


I think what I love most about the Tegan and Sara fandom is how 14-21 year old girls are talking about how hot two 33 Canadian women are. 

Also how half of us are like “Look at them being all cute awe” and then the others are like “I WANNA YOU TO FUCK ME REALLY BADLY PLEASE COME HERE NOW UGH” 

Then there are the Sara fans and then there are the Tegan fans, then there are the ones who are both.

But. In the end. We’re just a bunch of hormonal lesbians. 

As the only actual 33-year-old in this (or any) fandom, I bet, I am counting on you to stick with it.  I’ll need something to keep me occupied when I retire.

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But guys. I got to carry Hannah like the little baby that she is!! And Grace gave me a hug and Hannah signed my book, “To wifey”! Best night ever! #dcNofilter #nofilter #butReallyWhatIsLife #thatBooty #iTouchedIt #herLegsWereFuckingWrappedAroundMe #sheThoughtSheWasHeavy #yesThatIsMyBackgroundForALLTHETHINGS

justletmesleepallday (sorry for this, but i still can’t send you fan mail!)

so yeah, i went to the dc nofilter! it was amazing and the best day of my life so far :D i also went to the dc spy museum which was also cool!

but anyway, the show was amazing! i was laughing till i cried! and there was gonna be a meet and greet bingo, but since the seats weren’t numbered (since we were in a synagogue) they just called out random names from the ticket sales. sadly i was not one of the lucky duck ten that were called, but if you purchased hannah’s book, you were given a wristband that allowed you to meet her after the show!

and since hannah is my wifey, i was excited just to get to meet her. but one thing that the book people failed to mention was how/where we get to meet her. so me and my friend that i went with were just sitting around and this line trailing out the door starts to form. what we didn’t know was that, the line curled around downstairs to where the meet and greet was happening! so we were basically towards the end of the line. 

being towards the end of the line turned out to be the best thing ever because when we got to the front of the line, out came Grace and Mamrie!

I asked Hannah to sign my book (to wifey) and flipped to the picture that i was dying to get of us (last page, with her and Robin) and she immediately said “YES!” all excited, adorable, and whatnot. which i was really worried that she would say no because my friend said that at some vidcon or something, hannah wouldn’t jump on someone’s back for some safety issue or something.

and as you can see while all that was happening, Grace and Mamrie were being the adorable dorks that they are, in the background. in hindsight i should have gotten both of them to sign my book also, but the glory of having Hannah’s legs wrapped around me meeting Hannah was just so much for my little brain to process, that i was in a daze and forgot.

oh i also, saw a creeper chester hiding behind a pillar. but i didn’t get a picture with him. but i did shake Naiomi’s hand cause she was all tiny and adorable.

geez. i feel like that was more than you asked for… so my bad!

Gah!  I love this so much!  Take me with you next time!!  You know I don’t mind a little travel!  ;)

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